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Hong Kong securities targeted by cyberattacks, may face more: Regulator

Hong Kong’s securities regulator said brokers in the city had suffered cyber attacks and warned of possible further incidents across the industry. Regulators in Hong Kong have been stepping up efforts over the past year to combat the growing menace of cyber attacks on companies. A survey in November showed the average number of such attacks detected by firms in …

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Govt to launch malware cleaning centre on December 20

New Delhi Government will kick start operations of a long-awaited malware and botnet cleaning centre with soft launch on December 20, a programme aimed at automatically disinfecting computers and mobiles from viruses and malicious software for free. “Major cybersecurity initiative of Digital India. Soft Launch of BotNet cleaning centre of India CERT from December 20,” Ministry of Electronics and IT, …

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Defeating Malware With Its Own DNA

It’s widely known that human DNA evidence has had a major impact in the criminal justice system. Now another kind of DNA may have a similar impact in the fight to eradicate malicious software. Malware DNA, also known as “malware provenance,” is the art and science of attributing elements of one object to another object. The technique has applications outside …

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Google Clamps Down on Sneaky Malicious Sites

Sites that repeatedly violate Google’s safe browsing policies will be classified as repeat offenders, the company said last week. A small number of websites take corrective actions after Google displays alerts on their landing pages warning visitors that they’re harmful. However, they typically revert to violating the policies after Google goes through the process of verifying that they’re safe and …

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