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10 trends of cyber security to look out for in 2019

What cyber security trends will the globe expect in 2018: a lot of rigorous regulation, creations of latest roles? 2018 was a noteworthy year for all things cyber. It was the year that brought major breaches just about weekly. last, the Marriott building cluster suffered a major knowledge breach, whereas Quora fell foul to some cyber criminals. Cyber security continues to be the difficulty on each business leaders mind. In this year, organisations have had to induce their house so as with GDPR, amongst others, coming back into force on twenty five could. …

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This is how Chinese government plans to save kids from cyberbullying

Chinese authorities have published a draft regulation protecting minors’ rights in cyberspace that includes remedies for online bullying. The draft, published on Friday by the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council (LAOSC) states that no organisation or individual is allowed to threat, insult or hurt minors online with words, pictures or video, the People’s Daily reported. Guardians and schools …

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Why Trump May Be the Better Technology President

Years ago, I worked as one of Rev. Robert Schuller’s body guards (it was something to do on Sundays, I wasn’t particularly religious) and one of his sayings was “when given lemons, make lemonade.” Personally, I wasn’t excited about either presidential candidate, but I actually think Trump could be a better technology candidate than Clinton would have been. That is …

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Election Day Cybershenanigans Highlight Need to Shore Up Security

Hackers last week launched DDoS attacks against both presidential candidates’ campaign websites. The attacks were routed through HTTP Layer 7 of the OSI protocol. There were at least four 30-second attacks reported. “The websites were not penetrated by a cyber intrusion,” said John Costello, a senior analyst at Flash point. “They were attacked using their publicly available Web addresses and …

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Defeating Malware With Its Own DNA

It’s widely known that human DNA evidence has had a major impact in the criminal justice system. Now another kind of DNA may have a similar impact in the fight to eradicate malicious software. Malware DNA, also known as “malware provenance,” is the art and science of attributing elements of one object to another object. The technique has applications outside …

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Google Clamps Down on Sneaky Malicious Sites

Sites that repeatedly violate Google’s safe browsing policies will be classified as repeat offenders, the company said last week. A small number of websites take corrective actions after Google displays alerts on their landing pages warning visitors that they’re harmful. However, they typically revert to violating the policies after Google goes through the process of verifying that they’re safe and …

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