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New Apple Products Have the Right Gaming Stuff

Apple is making a bid to attract gaming fans to the more powerful graphics and processing power embedded in its new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 products. The iPhone 7, which became available on Friday, features the new A10 Fusion chip — the most powerful ever in a smartphone, according to the company. The CPU fuses two high-performance …

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Snap Unveils Eye-Popping Camera Spectacles

Snap, the company formerly known as “Snapchat,” on Saturday announced sunglasses that take videos through a built-in camera in the frame — bringing to mind Google’s controversial Glass product. Snap’s Spectacles let users take 10-second videos by tapping a button on the top left-hand corner of the eyeframe. Users can tap on the record button to record another 10-second segment. …

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Gadget Ogling: Streaming Merrily, Snapping Happily, and Listening My Way

Rally round, one and all, for another edition of Gadget Dreams and Nightmares, the column that takes potshots at the latest gadget announcements in the hopes of landing a giant prize. In our cavalcade of fun this time around are refreshed Rokus, Snapchat’s wearable camera, and headphones with programmable controls. As ever, reviews these are not; the ratings indicate only …

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Apple Hopes iPhone 7 Extras Will Make Up for Missing Headphone Jack

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday officially unveiled the iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus, confirming a rumor that has evoked widespread dread: The company has ditched its traditional headphone jacks. The new iPhones are sleeker than their predecessors, though, as well as water resistant. Their biggest plus might be the advanced camera lenses that create what Apple touts as the …

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