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IBM expands all-flash storage offerings

IBM has announced enterprise-class, all-flash storage designed to provide small, midsized organizations and global enterprises with primary storage for cloud or cognitive applications and workloads. The company also announced today IBM’s “Flash In,” a storage migration programme designed to help companies looking to leverage its expertise, like Dell and EMC clients, easily transition to IBM storage solutions. IBM Storwize V7000F …

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Cryptography Pioneers Win Million-Dollar Turing Award

The Association of Computing Machinery on Tuesday named Whitfield Diffie and Martin E. Hellman recipients of the 2015 ACM A.M. Turing Award for their contributions to modern cryptography. Their invention of public key cryptography and digital signatures revolutionized computer security, the organization said. The award, considered the Nobel Prize of computing, includes a US$1 million prize, with financial support provided …

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A Dramatic 16 Years for 4 Tech Titans

Following Apple’s announcement last week, I noticed a number of reports on how disappointed customers were that there was nothing they wanted to wait in line for hours to buy. I personally thought they should have been excited about that, because I hate to stand in lines. I’ve never really figured out an Apple fanatic’s penchant for pain. Still, it …

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Google’s ‘Area 120’ Incubator Aims to Keep Innovation In-House

Google has been working on an incubator that would let employees pitch business plans and work full time on approved projects while remaining on its payroll, according to news reports published this week. The incubator, to be called “Area 120,” will be led by Don Harrison, VP of corporate development, and Bradley Horowitz, VP of streams, photos and sharing. Employees …

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Clinton Issues Clarion Call to Boost Tech in the US

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential candidate, this week unveiled a technology and innovation agenda that calls for a broader commitment to improving computer science and STEM education, expansion of broadband Internet to the entire United States, and deployment of 5G wireless networks. Clinton’s plan calls for advancing high-tech training in American schools through collaboration with nonprofits and the …

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