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Microsoft injects ads in Windows 10 File Explorer

Despite the fact that they are an essential digital monetization tool, everyone hates forced advertising, be it in videos, apps or websites. But what if these ads start popping up in the operating system itself? Apparently, Microsoft thinks it’s a great idea, as it’s planning on promoting its own products and services through in-OS advertising. Spotted by Extreme Tech website, …

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Google’s Pixel Wins a Place in the Sun

Google’s Pixel smartphone, which made its debut last month, has gathered some high praise from reviewers. “The Google Pixel is now the best Android smartphone you can buy,” wrote Joanna Stern in The Wall Street Journal. “The other leading contender was disqualified due to spontaneous combustion,” she added, referring to Samsung’s doomed Galaxy Note7, which was recalled for safety reasons. …

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AWS Gives Customers On-Premises Linux Option

Amazon Web Services recently expanded its menu of cloud services to give customers the option of using the Amazon Linux AMI on premises. Customers can use the Amazon Container Image on premises for the purpose of developing and testing workloads, AWS Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr explained. The AMI provides a stable, secure and high-performance environment for applications running on the …

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Google Insists Android Plays on Level Field in Europe

Google on Thursday fired back at the European Commission’s charges that it violated antitrust law by imposing coercive rules on mobile operators and developers who use or write applications for its Android operating system. The EC this spring charged that Google’s requirements to use its search engine and its Chrome browser on mobile devices running Android were coercive tactics. The …

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wattOS Energizes Aging Hardware

wattOS is a stunning example of really great things coming in small packages. wattOS is a lightweight and fast desktop Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS built around the LXDE. It uses the lightweight Openbox window manager as its default user interface. To credit this 8-year-young community of developers with birthing an energy-efficient Linux distribution is an understatement. It …

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