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Microsoft’s New Tech Targets Human Creativity

Microsoft made a slew of announcements at its New York City event Wednesday, focusing on the idea of user as creator. Among its new offerings: The Surface Studio, an all-in-one desktop computer with a touchscreen that’s 12.5mm thick; The Surface Dial, a new input device that provides haptic feedback; The Surface Book i7; VR headsets for Windows 10 that use …

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Gadget Ogling: Mac’s Back, Nintendo Returns, and Huawei Goes to the Edge

Welcome to Gadget Dreams and Nightmares, the column that leads you by the hand through the sprawling labyrinth of gadget announcements to find the hidden treasure. In our chest of delights this time around are the latest MacBook Pro, Nintendo’s new console, and a smartphone from Huawei. As always, these are not reviews, partly because some of these items are …

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Lenovo’s Yoga Book Aims for Top Shelf

Lenovo’s recently unveiled 2-in-1, the Yoga Book, is available in Android Marshmallow and Windows 10 Home versions. Reviews have been mixed, with some praising its look and feel, but some considering its capabilities not up to scratch. Its Intel Atom processor doesn’t provide enough power for a workhorse device, they have argued. The Android version costs US$500 and the Windows …

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Apple vs. Microsoft: Remixing the Magic

What I think is funny in this market is that most people can look at two companies, see the difference in their performance, and not learn the fundamental lesson — even though it has been repeated over the decades. Microsoft and Apple are cases in point, because Apple was very successful under the initial founders, then was unsuccessful after the …

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